Bitcoin is gaining popularity worldwide and similarly Canadians are also going crazy after this virtual currency that has grown exponentially in worth. Since Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer exchange, care should be taken to buy it from a reliable source. Listed below are some exchanges people in Canada can use to buy Bitcoins.


Coinbase is open to residents of Canada and they can use their credit cards to make the purchase. The transaction fee is 3.99% per purchase amount and the Bitcoins are transferred into your wallet immediately. For purchases above 130 CAD, you can also receive a bonus of 13 CAD worth of Bitcoins for free. The good thing about this exchange is it offers a high liquidity rate and relaxed buying limits. Newcomers in the world of cryptocurrency should buy from this website however if you use a bank transfer to make the purchase it will take 5 working days to process.


Coinmama charges a 6% transaction fee on each purchase made through debit or credit cards. You do not need to provide any identification details if the purchase made is under $150. It is a convenient and easy exchange for smaller purchases. This resource is open to all countries including Canada and has the highest limits for Bitcoin purchases made using credit cards. This is reliable broker but charges the highest fees.


GDAX is one of the biggest Bitcoin exchanges in the US and it is also available to residents of Canada as well. Users can use bank transfers, bank wire or SEPA to buy a Bitcoin. This broker offers very good prices and has a low fee but their interface is not user friendly and people often have difficulty navigating the website. The best thing about this broker is you can purchase Bitcoin at even 0% transaction fees but first-time buyers have trouble making sense of the interface.

Canadian Bitcoins

This broker is Canada-based exchange and it offer payment options through online banking, direct debit and credit card payment, cash mail, pay cash or debit in person in Ottawa, Interac and Flexepin vouchers. The fee varies for each method and you can even make purchases of $100,000 or higher values. The interface is very simple and can be used by first-time buyers. The payment methods however do not provide anonymity as they are non-private methods.

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